Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There Are No Moderate Muslims

I’ve spent the last several days reading through a series of political blogs. Up until now, I was convinced that most blogs are either schoolgirls publicly chronicling their social life, or spammers promoting their pornography, mortgage refinancing, or some other web site.

Then, I happened upon The Belmont Club. Then I found a whole slew of other really interesting blogs:

State Of Flux
The Quietist

Rightwing Nuthouse
No Oil For Pacifists
The Wide Awakes
TMH’s Bacon Bits


Maybe some day I’ll have to break this blog up into three separate blogs: one for the newspaper carrier experiences, one for the mystical contemplations, and one for the political commentary. But then, the reader wouldn’t get the sense of what a complex human being I can be, how it might be possible to be all these things at once (and more) and would believe that I really am a 12 year-old kid who rides his bicycle around the block in mid-morning, throwing newspapers at dogs, flowerpots, bushes and windows (none of which is true).

I got to thinking about my political views. When I was in college, my dorm buddies would try to get me to talk politics, and then call me a pacifist because I didn’t want to have my admittedly ignorant views scrutinized and criticized. Am I left, or right? Liberal or Conservative? Republican or Democrat? I’ve traditionally voted Republican, partly because my family, my dad is Republican, and because I, at least used to believe in industry and free enterprise. From what I’ve been reading on these blogs, I suppose I’m liberal. Liberal, in that I think we should wait and see what the Islamic terrorists really want. Wait until we all get so fed up with their senseless attacks that we send bevy after bevy after bevy of bombers and fighters and submarines and aircraft carriers and ICBMs all loaded with nukes and bomb the holy crap out of (insert long list of middle-eastern nations, included Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia repeated several times) until there’s nothing left but a big crater full of radioactive oily seawater connecting the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. Surely we can make some sort of vehicle that runs off of radioactive oily seawater. :-)

Okay, that might be a bit too extreme. And we don’t want to end up as bad off as the Muslim extremists, now do we? No, we don’t want to stoop to their level. Besides, not all Muslims are extremists. Besides, as the liberals keep telling us, we’re supposed to “understand” what the terrorists want, why they think how they do, and how we might possibly “appease” them.

In the mystical tradition, the way to overcome the demon – called the Dweller On The Threshold, or what Carl Jung later called the “shadow-personality” – is to lift the veil of darkness, and gaze into the eyes of the demon. Confront the demon directly, and peer into the depths of his soul, so that the demon will not be able to withstand the light of introspection, and will flee.

I was out searching the web for some information about kids being trained to fight in Somalia. I saw a TV program about our aborted attempt a few years ago to liberate Somalia from the grip of warlordism (or thugocracy to borrow another invented word). But when I did some searches relating to Somalia, I found some Islamic web sites. I’ve wanted to find some of these Islamic web sites. Perusing a few Islamic web sites is a far cry from infiltrating an organization, but it’s as close as I care to get.

There was a story where the UK cops wanted to effectively shut down Islamic web sites with denial-of-service attacks, which struck me as yet another form of terrorism. Why don’t they just track down the IP addresses and owners and names of the people that run those web sites? InterNIC is still a US controlled organization, to the last of my knowledge. But I digress.

I found a few Islamic web sites:
Of these, I found Jihad Watch to be the most moderate. Of particular interest was a current article titled The Myth of the ‘Moderate’ Muslim, which in turn quotes the same article published in the London Free Press.

The truth is there does not exist an identifiable body of Muslims, substantive in number or an outright majority, who could be described as "moderate" by their repudiation of Muslim extremists.

Violence has been an integral part of Muslim history, irrespective of whether it is sanctioned by Islam, and Muslims who unhesitatingly use violence to advance their political ambitions have created a climate within their faith-culture that any Muslim who questions such practice is then deemed apostate [without faith] and subject to harm.

If you don’t understand what that’s saying, go read the full article, and all the commentary following it. It means that Islam is by its very nature, a religion of violence, that war is the way of life. And there’s more, in some comments posted by “Gorkhali”

You can never trust a Muslim, because deep down inside, somewhere in their heart they cannot completely accept you as a human being unless you are a Muslim.

Nor can they ever be loyal to the country of their birth, unless it is a Muslim nation (ie, betrayed India and created Pakistan, Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan)).

They will always hold a certain amount of hatred and disgust for other faiths regardless of how "moderate" they are.

Their will never be a moderate Muslim, since this would mean betrayal of Allah and the Koran.

So not only are they bent on our destruction, but you cannot negotiate with them. The only way to effectively deal with the Muslims is to isolate them, or destroy them. Maybe there’s some value to the policy of turning the Middle East into a crater full of radioactive oily seawater. :-)

The Jihad Watch web site describes Jihad both “struggle,” and as the duty of every Muslim – a way of life, although an often violent way of life. When the war in Afghanistan started some American scholar of Islam described Jihad as an internal struggle, a struggle of the soul.

As a pantheist, I think of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans, Voodoo witchdoctors, cats, dogs, horses, birds, whales, sharks, tigers, trees, lettuce, wildflowers, rocks, soil, volcanoes, planets, stars, galaxies, quasars, and vast stretches of empty space as all being expressions of God. Yes, we are all God. Jihad is Gods internal struggle to purge the Shadow. OBL called on Muslims everywhere for Jihad. And the US-led coalition forces stepped in to do the job. Here is your Jihad.

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