Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dark Night Of The Soul (Part IV)

I try to stay aware of what Spirit is trying to tell me. I had become a bit too involved in repair and maintenance to talk with Spirit. Maybe there was an entity interfering. Maybe some misguided Spirit Guide was trying to teach me a lesson. But still, there was absolutely no reason why this should have happened in this way at this time. I decided, and declared “If I ever find out who did this, I’m gonna kick his ass!” How do you kick Spirit’s ass? I’d have to quit this life, go over to the other side, and hunt down the perpetrator. How do you kick Spirit’s ass, even from the other side? It doesn’t work like that, sir.

There is a way to fire one’s Spirit Guides. Maybe “fire” is the wrong word. You request a change, and the old ones leave, and then new ones come in. The catch is that in the “intermission period”, you’re completely without any feeling of connection to God, which is experienced as depression and despair. By requesting what Kryon refers to as the neutral implant, the guide change, and graduate status, you are asking for some major changes in your life. The neutral implant is a way of neutralizing the fear and materialistic drives that compel humans to act on a Darwinian level of self-preservation. It’s a way to free the mind and spirit to pursue higher purposes. I had requested the neutral implant several months ago, but continued to feel frustration over not knowing or being able to control what was happening to me spiritually and materially.

There’s other ways to make adjustments to mental programming, spiritual programming (Karma), exorcise demons, dark forces, wayward discarnates, misguided Spirit Guides and other entities, and dabble in all kinds of other Spiritual influences. Some of it gets kind of messy.

“Hold your nose, we’re going in!”

And there’s even a way to Command Spirit to work for you. It’s our right to direct the energies and entities in the world around us. In this new age that we’re already several years into, there is a growing spiritual awareness of humanity’s oneness with God. It’s becoming more of a natural thing for enlightened light-workers to work in cooperation with Spirit.

But it was a growing into that oneness with God that I was experiencing in June when I expressed my anger and frustration with not knowing what the source of my problems were. “Not knowing” is being out of touch with Spirit. Without doing anything more than having the intention, apparently what I had done ended up with firing all of my Spirit Guides. I was severely depressed for three days. It was real bad. If I hadn’t understood what was happening, I would have been suicidal. Since that change, I’ve had a growing sense of awareness, and a renewed sense responsibility

To Be Continued...

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