Monday, April 04, 2005

There Will Be Changes

I didn't mention it in yesterday's post, but I had a most unpleasant time delivering Sunday's paper route. The boss had required that I get all the "Special" papers -- the DPS's and the RNS's, which are in yellow bags, and go to the people who don't want the paper -- to the right houses. Before, I knew that the difference was insignificant, and I just delivered whatever I could wherever I was supposed to regardless of DPS or RNS status.

The difficulty with getting all the yellow bags to the right houses on a Sunday is that the papers are so big and awkward. I can only get 28 papers at a time in the front seat. With 248 papers to deliver, this means I have to reload nine times. And having to get all the yellow bag papers to the right houses, I actually sat down and counted out the distribution of yellow bag papers and orange bag papers for each of the nine reloads of the paper route.

Or so it started out. All this extra counting, and re-counting, and reloading a special distribution -- it takes a lot of extra time. I was an hour late by the time I finished. Add to this the fact that Daylight Savings Time started, and I didn't realize it, and nobody told me to come in an hour earlier, or if I needed to or not. No. Instead, the boss tells me to make sure to get the yellow bag papers to the right houses.

Did you realize that there are no public restrooms in a residential neighborhood at 4:00 AM? I did, not long after I started this paper route. By the time I got to my usual secret bladder relief point, the sun was up, and people were about. I decided to hold it. Bad idea. I was gritting my teeth, screaming cross-eyed, while trying to count the distribution from the route list for the next reload segment. I ended up emptying my bladder into my coffee cup. Hey, it's better than making a small lake in the cab of my truck, or in my pants, or on somebody's front lawn. At least I can run the coffee cup through the dishwasher, which I promptly did when I got home.

The whole sitiation pisses me off, pun intended or not. I know, there's some symbolism going on there. That's why things like this happen; to tell us to deal with problems.

I've decided that some things have to change.

To start with, in order to handle possible emergency urination problems, I'm taking along a special, large water bottle, dedicated as an emergency urinal.

And, now that I have to take the extra time to figure out the yellow bag distribution for a Sunday, maybe I'll just come in an extra half hour early on Sundays, and count out the exact distribution and reload points for each of the nine reloads of my route. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme Virgo-esque. At least I knowI have this Virgo tendency for exactitude. I think my boss is a Virgo and doesn't know it. Maybe instead of counting an exact distribution for each of the nine reloads, I'll load an estimated yellow bag distribution, and carry over the leftovers to the next load. There's a couple of ways to handle it, and I'll see which works better.

While I was considering all these solution to problems of the physical world, something came to mind that I should work on. I should be bring Love to situations like this.

When I came in this morning, there were two complaints from the Sunday route. I get a $40 bonus each two-week pay period, as long as I don't have too many complaints. Two complaints blows my $40 bonus. I haven't lost my bonus since I was training on this route. Okay, so now it doesn't matter if I get complaints or not, since I've already blown my bonus. I'm free to try some creative solutions to the Sunday distribution problem next Sunday, without having to worry about blowing my bonus, since my bonus is already blown anyway. And I'm supposed to figure out how to bring Love to this situation.

I don't remember when I decided that Love is the creative power of the Universe, but it was at least a few years ago. I found confirmation of this idea in some of the mystical literature I've been reading in the last year. In The Hathor Material, channelled by Tom Kenyon, they say that they're "Masters of Love and Sound from an ascended intergalactic civilization." One of the most important exercises described in that book is how to qualify your personal subtle energy with universal, unconditional love and acceptance.

That might be a bit difficult when you have to urinate into your coffee cup while counting out a distribution on an already late paper route, or whatever your own personal challenge might be. There are some other excercises aimed at, well, the chapter title is "Stabilizing in Chaos." The exercise there is one of essentially connecting with the earth below, and the cosmos above. I've done this, and this is easy for me. I do this now in difficult situations. It helps.

I went to Tom Kenyon's web site, and was looking for more information about the Hathors, and found what looks like a Hathor blog. Go there, and look for the message dated January 2, 2005, and the accompanying channelled message dated June 21, 2004. It talks about dramatic earth changes, and how to be ready. Read through that whole message. It's important.

Another channeled book talks about the power of Love is Kryon. Actually, it's a series of books, from Lee Carrol channelling Kryon. In book one, "The End Times", Kryon says,

LOVE IS POWER! Your word is inarticulate and poor for this concept. Other Earth languages at least have many kinds of words for this energy. Love is not a word, or just a feeling. It is a power source! It is energy. You can call on it, turn it off and on, store it up, send it out and focus it for many uses. It is always available and will never fail you. It is the promise of the universe! It is the common thread that runs things. It is time you started to see this... and I mean in the universal sense that it really is your time! You are at last being given permission to use and understand this power source, and you have earned it!

Kryon book two "Don't Think Like A Human!", chapter two is "About Love."

Kryon has a web site. It must have been one of those messages, maybe the one titled A New Dispensation where I learned that we should meet challenges with love and compassion.

I remember Richard Bach's "Johnathon Livingston Seagull". There's a passage where his mentor tells him to give love everyone, even those who are filled with anger and hatred. He says, "You don't love the hatred and evil, of course. You have to practice and see the real [person], the good in every one of them and to help them see it in themselves. Thats what I mean by Love."

And last, I remember a few years ago when the Rosicrucians presented a discourse. The nature of it was, "What do you do when someone that you care about is on a path of self-destruction?" Some of the answers given were, not just during that discourse, but at other times in my life:
  • Try and help them. If it doesn't work, then give up. They need to suffer some more. It's their karma to learn the hard way.
  • Don't try to help people like that. You can catch bad karma from them, just like you can catch the cold or a flu.
  • Life is suffering. All is as it should be. Don't change anything.
  • Here's a slip of paper that says "Cosmic Law Fulfills." Put that somewhere where you see it often. Things will change.
  • You learn through suffering. Suffering makes you solve problems and create solutions.
  • (the most useful so far) Preceed your advice with the phrase "If it were me, I would..."
My answer to all this is that when you or someone you love is suffering, you don't pass judgement. You don't give up. You offer whatever love and assistance you can. And you keep offering your love, no matter what. And whether the loved one is suffering, angry, successful, or even dying, you offer your love always, and forever, no matter what.

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