Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Basketball Barrages and Lawnmower Fights

There's been a lot of overwhelming obstacles to overcome in completing the last couple weeks of my web writing class. The research required for the article that I chose to write was extensive; almost "too much to chew", compared to other students' articles. I still need to get my taxes done by the end of the week, now that my final project is finished. We just had one of those killer spring snow storms, where I got battered with basketball-sized snowflakes all morning for two days while delivering the paper route. The computer took two hours to reboot after the power failure from the snow storm. The fatigue was overwhelming, and my body demanded another five hours of sleep. I still need to ship the last two days of ebay sales. And if I don't get my hair cut soon, I think I'll loose it and give myself one of those awful "self-cuts." I wouldn't want to come in looking like that other guy, you know, the one who looks like he lost a fight with a lawn mower. I haven't commented on the reading or lectures for the last two weeks either.

Oh, but I'm not s'posed to write about myself. And I'm s'posed to bring universal Love to the situation too. Uh, oh, okay.

I never got BazaarMart upgraded and Froogle-ized either. I was s'posed to have that done by the first of April, so April would be enough of an indication of whether I should try to find something to replace the paper route. I can't afford to keep the paper route anymore. Not with gas at $2.14. Not with getting more complaints from having to pay more attention to the yellow bag part of the route than the part that pays. Well, maybe. Maybe I don't have a choice. Maybe... Maybe... Maybe I'm gonna have a baby.

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