Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rebuild Islam

So I got my RNS's and my DPS's all straightened out, and delivered a perfect route again today. Now, let's talk about Islam.

When the US led forces went into Afghanistan, there were a bunch of Islamic fundamentalist hotheads running around yelling "They're destroying Islam! They're destroying Islam!" And, apparently their maniacal leader, the head hothead Osama Bin Laden, designed this whole thing that way, and wrote something that he passed off as a prophecy, saying that they'll try to destroy Islam.

Well, when you pull a stunt like 9/11, there is going to be some consequences. Just as surely as the setting of the sun will be followed by widely scattered darkness, and later the rising of the sun, there will be consequences. So it's no surprise the US would start this war on terror.

Mr. Bush, in his eloquence of half-manipulating the media to his own advantage, explained that the War On Terror was not a war on Islam. We have no bone to pick with Islam. It just appears that Mr. Bin Laden was a bit more adept at convincing a bunch of disaffected Arabic losers, the Arabic Generation X, to join his army, which he called Al Quaeda, than Mr. Bush was at convincing the rest of the world to join forces with his army. This was even more the case when it came time to go after Mr. Saddam Hussein.

But all that's said and done, all history now. What we have still failed to do was a proper correction of the root cause. Mr. Bin Laden recruited the people who had become dissasociated with their otherwise all-important families, young people who had nothing more to lose, and nothing to hope for, and he gave them a cause.

There are those who create, and there are those who destroy. It's not hard to tell the difference.

How about if someone went over there, and found all those same people who had become dissasociated with their otherwise all-important families, young people who had nothing more to lose, and tought them a more tolerant, more liberal, more understand, more loving version of Islam? Hmmmm? Is that so hard to understand? I don't think that Mohammed taught his followers to go murder thousands of innocent civilians. Neither did Jesus. No religion supports war; it's the mislead people who misuse religion to support their own agenda to the exclusion of others that cause war. This term "Holy War" makes no sense. War is not holy. War in the name of God, any god, is profane.

If we went out there and taught these people to create, even in the name of God, then they wouldn't be blowing themselves up, and trying to fly planes into buildings. We wouldn't be "destroying" Islam, we'd be building a new Islam. Now, wouldn't that be a worthwhile endeavor? It seems that these people prefer Theocracy to Democracy, even though we've demonstrated that Democracy is a more effective form of government. Maybe, instead of forcing our brand of Democracy on them, couldn't we give them a friendly form of theocracy? Is there anyone out there who might like to take this up, and make it happen? Anyone?

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