Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Web Writing Class, Week 4

B121.14 Web Content Writing And Editing, Week 4

  • I've spent entirely way too much time reading. Oh, but we're supposed to read a lot. I started one of those blog thingies. There was a list somewhere of how to promote your blog, so I bookmarked that, and did most of what it said. Reading through other people's blogs, most of them are really boring. Like, school girls talking about their social life. People apologizing for not updating their blog. A bunch of jokers posting blog spam to promote their online business. Occasionally, there's some people that post poetry, or even political commentary. The hottest topic du jour is this Shiavo case, where some hospital decided to pull the plug on some lady, and her husband raised a big stink.
I really can't believe how pathetic people are. Post about who your latest crush in gradeschool is. Or about what happened at the office today. Boring! Can't you people get a life? You hate your job? Be glad you got one! You hate your girlfriend? Be glad you got one! You hate your life? Be glad you got one!

Try my life out for a week, and see what you think. Oh, that'd never work. See, I'm just throwin' newspapers for a living because I refuse to work for those corporate meatheads anymore. I counted the number of time's I've been laid off once. I lost count at about 10, or I got so depressed thinking about it that I didn't want to remember the three month jobs, or the two day jobs. I sent out 600 resumes, and got a handful of interviews. So that's why I decided to go into business for myself.

It's not easy. I'm completely rebuilding a new career. Starting over. I heard stories of how people were getting a lot of money setting up web sites. I can do that. So, I got the certification. I took the basic web design classes last year.

This paper route thing was supposed to be short term. Enough time during the day to take the classes, build my business, stuff like that. Getting up at 1:00 AM every single freakin day of the year really wears on me. I take the vitamins and supplements to fight the fatigue. But it only goes so far. Coffee only helps so much. I still end up sleeping with my contacts in (bad for the eyes) during the day.

So I actually paid the $150 for a membership on, a job site for freelancers. It's the same damn bullshit there! I've submitted bid after bid, and no-one will accept my bids. Even for the simplest job that I could do in 15 minutes. The employers are such arrogant assholes. I have this bid invitation sitting on my desk for an ecommerce site. I have an extra license for the software, and I could sell it to him for $150 (which is $50 less than he'd have to pay if he bought it himself). I could have it installed in a couple of hours. This guy wants skills in every web programming language known to man. He wants knowledge of tax rates and shipping rates. Been there done that. He wants the pro to reside within 60 miles of zip code 80303. That's me. Here's the kicker: "If you have zero references on guru, don't even submit a bid." I thought I'd let him stew on it for a few days, then offer the $150 solution. Well within his $2500 budget. I logged onto guru just now, and the project was closed.

What's the point of even trying anymore?

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