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N. Korean Missile Crisis

N. Korean Missile Crisis

North Korea, led by Kim Jong Il, commonly recognized as a maniac, utilized our Independence Day as an opportunity to taunt the US by test firing seven missiles into the Sea of Japan. These missiles are supposedly Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. However, the Korean ICBMs are actually little more than three SKUD missiles duct taped together, filled with enough fuel to reach Detroit, and (potentially) a nuke strapped on the top. The media duly has each other and the public in a panic, thinking that they’re intent on nuking the USA.

Meanwhile, the military is beside themselves with amusement as the “missiles” fail, fall apart, blow up, and fall into the sea 40 seconds after launch. To observe and monitor this charade, the navy has a few ships over there, tracking each one. Just in case one of these “missiles” actually gets over Japan, gets over the Pacific, and gets close to Hawaii or other US soil, there’s a Missile Defense System in place in Alaska and in California, ready to intercept and destroy any incoming missiles.

Some of the congressmen are of the opinion that we should preemptively destroy one of these missiles on the launch pad, or as soon as it gets in the air. Unfortunately, such an action would be an outright act of war, and would further encourage the Left-Wing lunatic moonbats that keep bleating “Bush Lied, People Died, blah blah blah”, and that (aside from WW II, WW I, Vietnam, the original Korean War, Bosnia, Somalia, etc. but excluding Afghanistan) the USA has never preemptively gone to war with another nation that did not attack us first until Iraq.

The position of the military and the Bush administration is that while Korea is essentially harmless, their theatrics are a threat to the region, very upsetting to Japan and world economy. Most importantly, they broke their word when they said they wouldn’t build nukes, missiles, and put the two together. The United States will not act alone – unilaterally – but is pressuring the international community to speak together with one voice.

Inside N. Korea, people are starving to death. Except for in Pyongyang. Pyongyang is where the privileged few live in the lap of Kim Jong Il’s luxury. The Pyongyang residents are systematically brainwashed, from grade school on, to think of Kim Jong Il as their divine savior and the United States as the incarnation of evil itself. Satellite photos of the region show all the surrounding countries lit up at night with electricity and industrialization, while N. Korea is an island of darkness. One reporter who visited the country, described it as being “frozen in time, stuck with 1953 technology” from when the Korean War ended. When the people were without food to eat, they were told to go into the country and eat pine needles, tree bark and grass.

Over at the UN, Japan has the place in an uproar. Everyone agrees that they should pass a “chapter 7” resolution, which paves the way for sanctions, and then war. Everyone, except Russia and China. China is said to be using N. Korea as a stick with which to poke the USA in the eye, while looking the other way. But since N. Korea refused to return the trains that China sent their food in on, China has moderated their position, to only supporting a “Presidential Condemnation” of N. Korea’s belligerent acts.

So the USA is putting pressure on China to put more pressure on N. Korea to stop pressing the “Fire” button. And it becomes a big international chess game, where there are contingencies on contingencies on what the response to the counter-response to the other guy’s response might be if we announce what we might do if they don’t tell the other guy to stop doing what that other guy doesn’t like. It would take a computer to run through all the different scenarios twelve steps into the future to determine what the most optimal course of action would be.

Response To My Independence Day Message

I sent my Independence Day Message to several friends and family. My conclusion was simple.
Support our troops, our Commander In Chief, our government, and their mission. To do any less is nothing more than hypocracy.
The maniac response was almost immediate.
Thanks, but if Bushco et al have their way, we'll all be fundamentalist christians who do only as the government tells us. I do support the troops through the USO and independent charities, I don't however believe a word that Mr. Bush and his cronies say and think that our freedoms are being pulled right out from under our feet in the name of never ending war for profit and complete control of the masses. Wake up and smell the fascism.
Okay. Fascism, huh. I suppose that this isn’t the Islamofascism that we’ve heard so much about. The terrorists have been coming back at us with the term “Amerofascism.” I suppose this person agrees with the terrorists then.

My response was simple:
You should take care of the BDS. It could lead to brain failure.
I didn’t mention the hypocracy of supporting the troops through USO while not wanting them to do their job in following the orders of their commanders and the Commander In Chief. Oh, and he’s now on my blocked sender list. Alright, enough.

Financial Times Still Commie Pinko Rag

Since the FT published the Imadumbjihad article, I’ve been watching some of what they publish. It’s really amazing how extremist this rag is, and how little attention they get for their views. I don’t have copies, but here’s a sampling.
  • Anti-family sentiment
    A feature article expresses amazement that people still bear and raise children. Since child labor is now illegal in civilized countries, there is no economic reason to produce children, since they consume resources without adding to the labor pool.

  • Endorses Corporate Criminal, Ken Lay
    In a memorial article dedicated to the late Kenneth Lay, founder of failed energy trading corporation Enron, the FT once again proclaims the accolades of an enemy of society. It’s okay to commit corporate fraud, as long as you make a profit.
  • Supports Atheism
    Since it’s usually Islamic extremists that turn up as terrorists, apparently it’s a crime to be religious. Civilized people should give up on primitive, childish religious ideals and embrace peaceful atheism. Like Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler (!), and Saddam (?).
It seems the FT embraces ideals very similar to those of communist bloc countries. Sure enough, the FT thinks of Kim Jong Il as a strategic thinker, and not the least bit a madman.

In an online article,
“He appeared articulate and very knowledgeable about what was going on in the outside world,” says Moon Chung-in, a political scientist

Pyongyang Radio last month reported that Mr Kim’s favourite song includes the catchy line: “I will go my own way with hope, even though no one understands my mind”. The leader apparently sings it often and tells his senior officials that he will do his best to lead the army well.
Maybe it’s because the FT is a bunch of communist sympathizer pinkos that their paper is printed on pink paper.

Holy Rolley-Polley Rolling Fast

A bunch of Hollywood actor-activists (actor-ists?) have started what they call a “Rolling Fast” in protest of the war on terror, where everybody takes turns going for 24 hours without food. The thing got started by Mother Moonbat herself, Cindy Sheehan, on none other than Independence Day. 2,700 activists have joined the hunger-out, including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and novelist Alice Walker.

An erratic diet from a 24-hour fast might actually contribute to weight gain. But I can see the point of “load sharing” by making the hunger strike a rolling fast. Right. And if I clean my dinner plate, not only will the rolling fasters share in my nourishment, but also the people in China no longer go hungry.

Of course Al Jazeera was among the first to repeat the story of their useful idiot Dhimmis to their terrorist constituents.

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