Thursday, July 05, 2007

More Boulder Moonbattery

(The) One thing I learned from Loral Langemeier's business building programs was to focus on revenue producing activities. That's why I haven't been blogging much lately. But some days, the moonbattery gets so thick, as Bert Deckers says "you could cut it with a chainsaw."

Independence Day seems to be a day for the nuts to come out and protest our independence. Boulder celebrated their right to tax carbon emissions by exploding exotic pyrotechnics that filled the sky with smoke.

Boulder Colorado. Where the Nutty Professor, Ward Churchill gets paid by our taxpayers to teach kids that employees in the World Trade Center deserved to die on 9/11/2001. Where investigators were powerless to solve the murder of Jon Benett Ramsey, even when John Mark Carr came forward and admitted to the crime. Where a seven week old baby is beaten to death for crying, and the murderous parents are turned loose after the "accidental" death. Where Ron Swerlein sets up an explosives production lab in his garage, stockpiles more amunition than the entire Longmont police department, and is then sent home while neighbors are told that they are safe. Where Boulder High School, at taxpayer expense, teaches teenagers to freely experiment with sex, gay sex, unprotected sex, sex inducing drugs, illicit drugs, any form of licentious behavior they want to. We can only imagine that taxpayers will also pay for abortions resulting from teen pregnancies.

Today the Daily Camera's headline story starts out lauding the taxation of mythological anthropogenic global warming,

Chances are good that Boulder is the only city in the country that kicked off its Fourth of July celebration Wednesday night with a tune about how great it is to have a carbon tax.

"Intentional development is oh so relevant," sang Open Space and Mountain Parks rangers Jeff Kagan and Mark Wesson. "It's a futuristic vision to reduce carbon emissions."

No mention of how insignificant of a greenhouse gas CO2 is. No mention of how much more CO2 is put into the atmosphere by animal life, volcanoes, decaying forest vegitation, especially the earth's oceans. No mention of how weather balloon data indicates that upper atmosphere warming is not occurring, as would be the case with greenhouse warming, human induced or not. No mention of how self-appointed climatologist and inventor of both the Internet and anthropogenic global warming, "former future President of the United States" Al Gore is on record for exaggerating and fabricating data to support his newfound self-perpetuating career. Yet the City of Boulder is taking taxpayer's money to pay for pyrotechnics to celebrate their right to transfer more of taxpayers money to the high priest of moonbattery in the name of carbon taxation.

On the same page is an Ass. Press article decrying President Bush's support of our troops and the ongoing war against fall of western civilization to Islamist extremists.
Burdened by sagging polls and an unpopular war, President Bush sought a friendly audience on the Fourth of July to deliver a patriotic, gung-ho speech about supporting U.S. troops and sticking it out in Iraq.

Apparently the failure of the President is more important than the success of democracy and overcoming the fascist Islamist theocracy. The situation in the middle east has been decades if not centuries in the making, and it's not going to be a simple or quick task to reverse the problem. The article cites previous July 4th appearances along with the perennial troops death toll. Articles such as this are clearly designed to ostracize the President, make issue into a one-man war, and ultimately sabotage the war on terror. Some days the Bush Derangement Syndrome is so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw.

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