Friday, July 13, 2007

Man Crush

Man-Crush on Ted Nugent
I think I got a Man-Crush on Ted Nugent. He's been on The Fox at least a couple of time. And he's been on Hannity & Colmes a couple of times. I can't believe The Ted pissed off Alan so much he cut him off in mid-sentence. You da man, Ted! I like what Ted has to say.

I was having nightmares of being trampled by big animals. So I turned it into a dream of going on a hunting safari. I want to go on a safari with Ted Nugent. Some day, before my life is over, I vow that I will go on a safari with Ted Nugent. So I went to Ted Nugent's web site, and he hosts safaris! You da man, Ted, but that's just a bit too spooky.

Another Fred Thompson Fact
Monsters hide under the bed because they're afraid of Fred Thompson.

Could Fred Thompson Be Gay???
Say it isn't so! I can't believe that. I know of one good place to verify such an unfounded rumor. I know Frank J. has a man-crush on Fred Thompson. That's where I get all the Fred Thompson Facts. No mention of Fred Thompson being gay. Just lots of mention of John Edwards being famous for lots of suspiciously gay-like facts.

Could I be gay because I have a man-crush on Ted Nugent? Let's check. I'll close my eyes and think of Floorwax naked... Floorwax naked... Floorwax naked... GAAAGHHH! I just threw up a little in my mouth. I guess not. Maybe it's just Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent naked... Ted Nugent naked... Ted Nugent naked... EWWWW!!! LEMME OUTA HERE! Same thing. Okay, now lets see... Kathy Lee naked... Kathy Lee naked... Kathy Lee naked... mmmm yummm, slurp! I guess it's settled then. It's down to Andrew Sullivan and John Edwards.
(Thanks: Van Helsing)

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