Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Such A Nice Day

There's talk of healing. Forgetting 9/11. Moving on.

Discontinue the four hour reading of names at the annual memorials in New York, Washington, Shanksville. I say heal the horror, but remember the lesson forever. Vigilance. Freedom is not free.

The tolling of the bells. The moments of silence. It's a timeless memory, come back to me again. I wonder how I would be memorialized, or how I would memorialize a loved one. I scan through the dog-eared pages of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass in search of the passage that talks about a life unfolding out of the womb of a mother, unfolding out of the history of the world to be here, now, for a still unfolding purpose. I can't find the passage, but turn off the news reports of the ceremonies and pass into sleep.

Fire cannot melt steel. But it compromised the structural integrity enough to cause a collapse. I question my own mental integrity. I imagine those in the midst of the disaster, and feel as though my soul could disintegrate.

Two of us wore black for the day. Others are baffled by the significance.

The color for the day is blue. 9/11 blue.

That day, I was downloading and listening to music. U2, Wire.
Innocent, and in a sense I am
Guilty of the crime that's now in hand
Such a nice day
Throw your life away
Such a nice day
Let it go
To think that some would hold all Americans complicit in those attacks. To think that I'm responsible for what happened over there. It enrages me. I don't listen to U2 much any more. I've rejected my friends who don't share these views. I don't want a job any more. Nobody would hire me, nobody would give me a chance.

Atlas shrugged. Now I know who John Galt is.

The thousands of dollars spent on business startup coaching. Wasted. Useless.

Thousands -- eight of them -- gained in the market over the course of a year. Five lost over six weeks. Every day, a thousand down, a few hundred up, fifteen hundred down. Now back up to six. Success is so fragile.

The gibbering apes in congress. Mocking the factual reporting of the General of his report of the progress on the task that has been given to him. By these very same congressmen. What happens in '09? Success is so fragile.

It's time to walk away from the gibbering apes, the naysayers. Focus on success.

Napolean Hill. Think And Grow Rich. Create a plan, marshall all the resources Napolean described. The Secret. Gratitude. Bob Proctor. Norman Vincent Peale. The Power Of Positive Thinking. My friends who will be true are always welcome. The sky is often blue in Colorado. It is indeed such a nice day.

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