Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stone Mushrooms

Maybe it was the cold medicine I took the night before. Maybe it was being exhausted from the trip for Mother’s Day. Or maybe it was something in the Bison meat at the buffet. When I got home from the paper route, I couldn’t stay awake, and decided to get a few more hours of sleep. I kept dreaming about these strange blue stony finger-like stalagmite formations in a cave. I wasn’t doing anything, just looking at them. For hours. All morning long. Once I woke up, I had to figure out what to call them, and what they meant. I decided to call them blue stone mushrooms. But they don’t mean anything.

That’s not the only thing I’ve been fixated on. Once I got my computer restored, again, I’ve been running some defragmentation software. It runs, for hours, and doesn’t do anything, but grind incessantly on the disk drive. So now, I found some different defragmentation software. It runs for hours too, and still doesn’t do anything.

Now that I’m taking the Search Engine Marketing class, I’m doing keyword research. There’s this formula for estimating website traffic based on search engine statistics. But I don’t have the formula. I spend hours trying different kinds of variations. I know that in the end, this is only a tiny portion of the total marketing solution.

And it’s the same thing with the stock market. And the geomagnetic storms. I’ll write about that someday. And here I am, writing when I should be sleeping. What’s the matter with me? Just leave the stone mushrooms alone, and go do what’s important!

And, PS: Thanks to someone for the prayers. I got 57 sample starts on the paper route last Saturday. That’ll mean around $200 extra a month! The only thing is, these sample start campaigns usually only last about a month. Maybe that's why I was so tired.

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